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We provide affordable eLearning solutions to charities and nonprofit organisations

What is the Charity Learning Consortium?

Formed in 2001 with six founding charities, we have now grown to over 150 members.
We provide everything a member will need to develop their staff and volunteers using eLearning.
Most importantly, we do this at a sensible price.

Membership provides you with three things:


We offer the best known learning management system on the market. It’s called Moodle. We’ve enhanced Moodle from the ground up to solve the problems charities and not for profits have.

RoadMap is our version of Moodle. It’s designed to be smart, customisable and easy to use. It does everything you need it to and more!

Our next event:

Event: March Members Meeting
Date: Thursday 21st March 2019
Venue: ETC Venues | 1 Drummond Gate | Victoria | SW1V 2QQ London








What makes us different is that we don’t just provide you with a learning management system and courseware. You become a part of a community of learning and development professionals. We don’t have customers, we have members. We hold conferences, share ideas and help each other out.
We’re really picky when it comes to courseware. eLearning can be boring, we know that. So we’ve teamed up with Litmos Heroes and MicroLearn to provide the most engaging courses available. The courses are bitesize, up to date and more importantly, keep your learners interested.

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Charities we support

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The best way to experience what the Charity Learning Consortium has to offer, is to book a demo with one of our friendly team.

They will guide you through the LMS, courseware and community. Show you how easy it is to get started and give examples of charities who are already successfully engaging their learners.

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