Feeling stressed? Read Liggy Webb’s quick, handy tips to refer to when the going gets tough…

  • Listen to your internal chatter and avoid self imposed stress
  • Be positive about change and seek out the benefits
  • Be more assertive in the way that you communicate and deal with things
  • Manage you time more effectively and manage your personal efficiency
  • Learn how to manage your emotions and try see the light hearted side
  • Eat a health balanced diet and avoid too much caffeine and alcohol
  • Get out in the fresh air and go for a walk and get some exercise
  • Make sure that you get good quality sleep 6 – 8 hours every night
  • Take deep breaths and focus on controlling your breathing
  • Explore relaxation techniques and take time out every day just for you

Liggy Webb is widely respected as a leading expert in the field of Modern Life Skills. As a presenter, consultant and author she is passionate about her work and is noted for her dynamic and engaging style.
Having worked in the learning and development arena for over twenty years she is the founding director of The Learning Architect, a consortium of behavioural skills specialists.

As well as writing books and presenting Liggy works with a variety of organisations across private and public sector. She is passionate about supporting mental health charities and is a trustee of The Chrysalis Foundation.