More for less really is possible! Rokas Bučiūnas shares the lessons he learnt from launching eLearning in 10 countries simultaneously, with no budget for training or travel. He went on to win the Charity Learning Award 2016 for Organisational buy-in, for raising the profile of L&D at the charity Restless Development.

Does launching eLearning with a limited budget and capacity sound scary to you? You are not alone! L&D professionals often need to overcome what at first seems like an unrealistic ask. Yet some of the most creative ideas come from not quite enough time and money.

At Restless Development, a global agency for youth-led development, we have recently launched eLearning from the Charity Learning Consortium to 400 staff across 10 countries and multiple regional offices. We didn’t have a training budget, nor a full-time L&D professional in place. Moreover, geographical disparity across our offices was a significant barrier, given our limited resources and time.

Because of the nature of our agency, the majority of our staff are under 32, often hired on potential. Our belief is that young people can and must lead development. We wanted to offer eLearning to them to better support their professional development.

Over the course of seven months, from the approval of the eLearning idea to its implementation in May 2016, we faced and overcame barriers which truly put our vision to the test. As our eLearning site is now up and running, I would like to share the four key lessons we learnt from our global launch with no budget.

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