Three golden rules for L&D

Nigel Paine shares three essential lessons for development 

 The three essential lessons for development:

1. Get out of the way

The most effective way of building talent and developing teams is to get out of the way. This is a lesson of my life. I was one of the great interventionists. I would be with people and hold their hand and take them down the road. I thought this was the best way of developing people and sometimes it is, sometimes you do need to sit with people. But the critical point of development is when you leave people on their own and let them get on with it. So that’s my first lesson of development. Get out of the way!

2. Stretch people

My second lesson of development is, stretch. If you don’t stretch people, if you don’t get them a little bit out of their comfort zone, they will develop only so far. And the people who say, ‘Oh, that’s scary,’ that’s the moment where they’re going to get their best development.

3. Make time

And the third is, to always have time for development. So whether that’s a development conversation, time to put someone on a more formal program, time to let someone go and visit an organisation or an individual, create the time for development. It’s all too easy just to say, We’re way too busy. This is impossible. We’ll do it next year. We’ll do it next month. That’s always career-limiting for the individuals you’re saying that to, and it’s often they tend to leave.So in trying to get too much out of people in too short a time, you often get far less out of them than you could do by giving them a bit of space and a bit of time.

About Nigel Paine

Nigel Paine is the former Head of Training & Development at the BBC, where he built one of the most successful learning and development operations in the UK. This included an award-winning leadership programme, state-of-the-art informal learning, eLearning and knowledge sharing, and one of the most outstanding and well-used intranets in the corporate sector. Nigel left the BBC in September 2006 to start his own company, which focuses on leadership, creativity, innovation and eLearning, working with companies in Europe, Brazil, Australia and the US. At Elliott Masie’s Learning 2006 conference in Florida, he was awarded the title of 2006 Learning Thought Leader. He’s a popular and highly regarded conference speaker and well known as the co-presenter of Learning Now TV

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