The Charity Learning Consortium hits 150+ members!

As we reach a massive milestone, Martin Baker, founder and CEO, explains how a crazy idea turned into the Charity Learning Consortium

Like a lot of good things, the Charity Learning Consortium started from a chance conversation. In 1999 a charity asked me for a quote for eLearning. They loved the idea, but it was just far too expensive. So I had this crazy idea of splitting the cost of the licence between 10 charities.

It took around two years to set up the first pilot group and it grew from there. We created a customised learning management system using Moodle and licensed in eLearning content based on the group’s specific needs.

To keep costs to a minimum, rather than visiting everyone individually, once a quarter one of the charities would host a meeting. And that was when the magic started to happen! The day would start with a case study of what was working and what wasn’t. That naturally turned into a discussion between like-minded individuals from like-minded organisations.

Some of our founding charities are still loyal members but over the years we’ve grown and evolved. We now have more than 150 members, an annual conference and awards.

When we get together we have dual-stream workshops, guest speakers and facilitated networking sessions

Our members meetings are held in Central London in a conference centre with more than 100 people attending. But the original format of bringing like minded people together is still the same.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do. And in feedback our members tell us that it’s the meetings and networking that are the most valuable part of membership. Together we are stronger than on our own, and it’s as simple as that.

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We don’t just provide affordable, effective eLearning – we help you succeed

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