LNTV spotlight on apprenticeships at The Prince’s Trust

Apprenticeship levy funds transferred from Tesco have transformed management development at The Prince’s Trust. Tom Boyesen-Corballis, the charity’s Digital Learning and Development Manager, explains how, in an interview with LNTV.

Watch Tom’s interview on LNTV, where you can catch up on all previous programmes, including this interview with Paul Hodgkinson from SAHA.

Spare apprenticeship levy money kindly transferred from Tesco has had a huge impact at The Prince’s Trust. In an interview for Learning Now TV (LNTV) Tom Boyesen-Corballis, Digital Learning and Development Manager, explains how the unexpectedly large windfall has enabled management apprenticeship programmes to be developed. The interview is due to be broadcast on LNTV, a channel dedicated to learning and development.

In conversation with Michelle Parry-Slater, Tom explains that the ring-fenced levy has enabled 300 members of staff to go through management programmes. The money, which Tom says “was more than we really could have hoped for” has supported apprenticeships for both youth workers as well as senior staff.

“People feel really empowered having been invested in, having been given permission to take some time aside to develop themselves,” explains Tom. “They’re really getting the benefit from that self reflection.”

In a great example of collaboration, The Prince’s Trust worked together with Ricoh, an already established partner, to develop a management training programme. The Prince’s Trust used in-house expertise to develop workbooks and one of the workshops itself.

Ultimately, more skilled, empowered staff means the charity is better able to carry out it’s vital work. Last year 1,000 staff at the charity, spread around the UK, helped 58,000 young people to turn their lives around. 

Michelle Parry Slater, L&D Director at Kairos Modern Learning, said Tom’s story should inspire corporate organisations to sit up and take note: “No excuses! Really question yourselves, speak to people in your finance department and find out how much is in your levy pot and what you could do with it because it might be more than you think.”

You can find practical tips and hints on transferring spare levy funds to charities on the Charity Learning website. 

The spotlight feature on charities by LNTV has been sponsored by the Charity Learning Consortium. Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Consortium and a well known supporter of collaboration, commented: “This is a great example of what can be achieved when charities, corporates and suppliers all work together. Everyone has their role to play. Ultimately, better skills can really impact on a charity’s ability to carry out it’s potentially life changing work.”

Watch Tom’s interview on LNTV, where you can catch up on all previous programmes, including this interview with Paul Hodgkinson from SAHA.

About The Prince’s Trust
The mission of The Prince’s Trust is to help young people transform their lives by developing the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn. The charity helps 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives. 

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Michelle Parry-Slater heads up Kairos Modern Learning (KML), an L&D consultancy focused on practical support for clients. In moving away from only offering face to face workplace learning, and moving towards embracing the best of social and digital learning, KML guides clients to create effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable workplace learning. A regular on LNTV, Michelle shares her practical tips and those of her guests as a continuation of her #NoPlasters campaign, to stop L&D sticking plasters on learning instead of getting to real root cause solutions that work. 

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