eLearning offers continuity and can help provide a rapid response in extreme situations

One of the benefits of eLearning becomes obvious when external factors challenge how an organisation operates. Toria Acreman from St John Ambulance Cymru, explains how eLearning has been invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our close partnership with the NHS means both our staff and volunteers had to take on additional responsibilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. eLearning has been invaluable for this.” Toria Acreman, St John Ambulance Cymru

For any learning function looking for continuity in circumstances beyond their control, having access to eLearning can be vital. Circumstances don’t need to be as extreme as coronavirus either. If learners are displaced from their offices to homes, perhaps because of flooding, suitable eLearning can help them adjust to new ways of working. If staff and volunteers are suddenly required to retrain to support other areas of the organisation – perhaps to meet an unexpected surge in demand – then eLearning can provide rapid delivery. 

It can be used for an instant induction, or to start compliance training as soon as staff and volunteers are taken on, to provide a rapid response. 

Case study: Toria Acreman, Internal Training Manager, St John Ambulance Cymru 

Our close partnership with the NHS means both our staff and volunteers had to take on additional responsibilities during the Covid-19 pandemic, for which they needed up-skilling. eLearning has been invaluable for this. 

More of our staff have been needed to help out with our Patient Transport Service, for example, as well as our Falls Assist Programme. They needed extra training to be able to administer the vital medical checks needed. These are two of our priority services, so we needed to ensure we always have cover, just in case some of our already-trained staff are off-duty due to Covid-19. eLearning, backed-up with much shorter than usual face-to-face sessions, provided the solution. 

We also called on our volunteers to support us in new ways, such as helping out at field hospitals. We provided them with eLearning in essential topics such as administering fluids and nutrition, using personal protective equipment, taking basic patient observations, the use of oxygen, assessing patient health according to national standards and infection prevention control. We’re also launching eLearning courses to support everyone with their mental health during these extremely challenging times. 

Toria’s eLearning top tip: Shout about your eLearning

Keep telling people about all your new courses as soon as they’re ready, as you need them to be used straight away. I’ve used our closed Facebook group, as well as newsletters and email, to continuously promote this new essential learning.

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Whether you’re making the case to start your eLearning journey or are looking to enhance the investment you’ve already made, these are the benefits of eLearning that will deliver significant results. 

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