eLearning focuses on the Mental Capacity Act

Collaboration is at the heart of a piece of eLearning provided especially by the Charity Learning Consortium, which outlines the key responsibilities of the Mental Capacity Act. Created by our partner Little Man Project, several members contributed, including WDP and Second Step.

The Mental Capacity Act provides a legal framework for acting and making decisions on behalf of people who – for whatever reason – can’t do it themselves. Everyone who provides care, treatment or support to a person over the age of 16 must comply with the Act. This includes a wide range of charities who are members of the Consortium.

Members had specifically asked the Consortium if we could create some eLearning to explain the Act, and its implications for their staff and volunteers. We were keen to help, and took a collaborative approach to creating content. 

Sue Smith, L&D Officer at WDP, kindly provided the source material, which was then developed by our design partner Little Man Project. Feedback came from several members, including Giz Thomas, Quality Assurance Manager at Second Step.

The module is mobile responsive and was originally released at the end of 2019. All members of the Consortium can access the eLearning, and share it with their workforce, as part of their annual subscription.

The module takes around 30 minutes to complete and covers:

  • An introduction to the Act
  • What the Code of Practice is
  • The key roles and responsibilities when making decisions
  • The five legal principles
  • The two-stage function test for capacity
  • Recording the assessment process
  • How to resolve any disagreements.

Animations were used to bring to life some of the examples, with case studies challenging the learner to apply what they have learnt. 

Martin Baker commented: “This is a great example of how we work collaboratively and build great partnerships. Members asked us for specific content and we were happy to provide it, involving several members in the process. Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially to our talented design partner Little Man Project for working with us.”

Please ask your account manager if you’d like the MCA course uploaded onto your LMS, this will be free of charge.

Little Man Project is an award winning eLearning design and development company that specialises in working with charities, to provide them with sustainable solutions that meet their L&D needs.


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