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Hilda Fyock explains how eLearning helps staff at Mission Aviation Fellowship access what they need, exactly when they need it. 

“Being able to deliver eLearning means our people can access the learning they need, when and where they need it” Hilda Fyock, Mission Aviation Fellowship International

Modern learners want access to the information and resources they need, exactly when they need them. As it can be made available 24 hours a day, eLearning is therefore the perfect resource. 

Providing they have access to the technology they need, eLearning can also be available wherever learners are. For staff and volunteers that don’t have a traditional office, eLearning can be accessed on tablets. Supplementary resources can also be delivered on mobile phones, to enhance the blended learning experience. 

If your staff and volunteers are spread nationally, or even internationally, then eLearning means geography is no longer a barrier. Technology can enable you to deliver learning exactly when and where it’s needed. 

The increased use of video-rich eLearning, as well as briefer micro-learning modules, means courses are now short and engaging, which is excellent for quick access in the flow of work. 

Case study: Hilda Fyock, L&D Manager, Mission Aviation Fellowship International

Getting learning to our flight staff, ground staff and local office teams has always been a challenge, as they are spread so far and wide, and with varying degrees of connectivity. Coupled with that, their learning time also has to coincide with non-flying time, so organising face-to-face learning for when everyone is on the ground isn’t always straightforward. 

Through a variety of technological approaches – from using the internet, local servers or dedicated workstations onsite – being able to deliver eLearning means our people can access the learning they need, when and where they need it. 

As well as generic courses from the Charity Learning Consortium, including providing basic writing and communication skills training, we’ve also created our own aviation-specific content. This includes topics such as Aviation English and maintenance and security, as well our charity’s values. Not only does this mean our people can access the learning they need, it’s also enabled local teams to take more ownership of the learning process. 

Hilda’s eLearning top tip: Ensure people put eLearning into practice

Delivering learning at the right place and time is really important. But it’s crucial to augment this with specific follow-up activities, so people can practice and show they have applied what they’ve learned.

’10 reasons why charities should use eLearning’

There are hundreds of reasons of why charities should use eLearning but we’ve whittled it down to 10. 

Whether you’re making the case to start your eLearning journey or are looking to enhance the investment you’ve already made, these are the benefits of eLearning that will deliver significant results. 

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