Charity Learning Consortium partners with Like Minded Females Network 2021 mentoring programme

We’ve teamed up with Like Minded Females (LMF) and sponsored the social enterprises’s global mentoring scheme in 2021. Here’s how to get involved.

Mentoring is a rewarding way to pledge your dedication and support up coming talent to reach their professional goals. Those in the charity sector have seen great benefits from the rise of mentoring schemes in organisations across the globe. That’s why we have sponsored 10 spaces on the LMF mentoring programme.

Martin Baker, Founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, has partnered with the Founder of LMF, Sonya Barlow, on our new initiative to spotlight Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Our members expressed interest in getting involved in the mentoring programme and Martin wanted to help make this possible. We are sponsoring 10 mentoring spaces to help support and fund this programme, securing its success throughout 2021 and beyond. The mentoring scheme officially starts in early February and there is still time to become a mentor. You can register your interest here.

87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence (women ahead).

This is a huge programme with over 600 sign ups so far (75% being mentees). Upon joining, you will gain access to a huge network of global professionals in the LMF community and receive full training to guide your mentee through the six-month multimedia programme. The program provides the mentee with supportive networking relationships and key skills to set and achieve goals. 

There are great benefits to your organisation and to you personally when getting involved with this project. Demonstrate your dedication to diversity and inclusion by giving your time to younger professionals in your space and helping them to grow. Showcase what your organisation can offer in terms of inclusive career opportunities and be named as a social contributor to the #mentoringmatters pledge.

“We are excited to be part of this project and are looking forward to seeing the results and feedback to really gauge its impact on those involved,” Martin Baker, CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium.

If you have experience in your sector and would like to help someone to reach their goals, sign up today. If you’re a member of the Consortium and have signed up to be a mentor, please let us know how it goes as LMF would appreciate the feedback to continuously improve its offering. 

What is the @LMFnetwork?

The LMF network is a global, volunteer led, social enterprise bridging the skills gap by educating and enabling womxn & marginalised groups into tech, business & digital. This is made possible through life skills workshops, a global mentorship program, supportive community forums and diversity training. 


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