Tips to help reduce worrying, grow self belief and improve general self care

Jo Thackwray shares her top tips to help you and your learners look after mental health, improve self care through self belief and minimise stress and worry. Download the tips to share with your organisation. 

10 tips to reduce worrying

1. Schedule worry time in your day or week so it doesn’t hijack your whole day
2. Write a list of your worries
3. Talk about your worries
4. Break the worry cycle with fresh air and exercise 
5. Take time to notice your thoughts, don’t fight them, allow them just to be 

6. Be in the moment
7. Deep breathe 
8. Meditate
9. Stop procrastinating 
10. Visualise positive outcomes


10 tips to grow self-belief

1. Identify your strengths
2. Celebrate all achievements – big and small
3. Identify your values and stay true to them 
4. Use positive language with yourself
5. Work on a growth mindset every day 

6. Keep a regular gratitude journal
7. Be authentic
8. Surround yourself with a supportive tribe
9. Don’t fear failure, it’s a life lesson
10. Don’t be hard on yourself – practice self-love and

15 tips for essential self-care

1. Create a daily routine
2. Have a good sleep routine
3. Exercise and rest 
4. Take regular breaks
5. Eat healthily & hydrate

6. Prioritise daylight time
7. Connect daily with nature
8. Connect daily with people
9. Interrupt negative thought patterns
10. Switch off technology

11. Listen to music
12. Create a calm environment
13. Practice mindfulness
14. Listen to your intuition
15. Celebrate the small wins

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About Jo Thackwray

Jo Thackwray is a Human Wisdom & EIA accredited Coach, supporting organisations, charities, and individuals to shine bright, find their superpowers, and grow positivity in life and business.

Jo has been leading and empowering teams in the third sector for more than 20 years with compassion, humour and positivity, with particular experience in volunteer management, recruitment, and retention.

She is an Ambassador for Investors in Community, supporting charities across the country. Jo also brings her wellbeing and self-development tips to the airwaves as the mid-morning presenter on Yowah Radio, a happiness & wellbeing station.

If you would like to know more about Jo, please find more details at 

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