Tips to increase your resilience and positivity

Knowing how to increase resilience and positivity can be easier said than done. You might know how – but can you maintain these on a daily basis? Jo Thackwray shares her top tips to help you and your learners boost your positivity, build resilience and reduce overwhelm. Download the tips to share with your organisation. 

15 tips to help grow positivity

1. Work on a positive mindset
2. Show and practice gratitude
3. Use positive language with yourself and others
4. Be in the moment and focus on the present
5. Take time to pause and breathe
6. Make peace with the past
7. Surround yourself with positive influences and people
8. Picture yourself achieving goals
9. Share positivity with others
10. Be kind to yourself

11. Celebrate the small wins
12. Exercise
13. Connect with nature
14. Create a positivity mantra
15. Believe in YOU and reach out if you need to talk

15 tips to help build resilience

1. Create a clear plan of action
2. Good sleep routine
3. Eat healthily and hydrate
4. Adopt healthy self-care routines
5. Look for solutions, not barriers

6. Be flexible
7. Work on a positive mindset
8. Believe in yourself
9. Celebrate all achievements big and small
10. Embrace change and new opportunities

11. Work on controlling your emotions
12. Build positive relationships
13. Identify the controllables
14. Let go of things beyond your control
15. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going!

5 tips to reduce overwhelm

1. Plan ahead – know where you want to get to and work backward
2. Prioritize – what’s important now, tomorrow, next week, etc
3. Avoid perfection – it can lead to self-sabotage
4. Learn to say no – if you’re at capacity or simply don’t want to do something
5. Delegate – ask for support if needed and delegate where possible to free up your time.

Sarah Burrell

About Jo Thackwray

Jo Thackwray is a Human Wisdom & EIA accredited Coach, supporting organisations, charities, and individuals to shine bright, find their superpowers, and grow positivity in life and business.

Jo has been leading and empowering teams in the third sector for more than 20 years with compassion, humour and positivity, with particular experience in volunteer management, recruitment, and retention.

She is an Ambassador for Investors in Community, supporting charities across the country. Jo also brings her wellbeing and self-development tips to the airwaves as the mid-morning presenter on Yowah Radio, a happiness & wellbeing station.

If you would like to know more about Jo, please find more details at 

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