About us – our story

When eLearning was just too expensive

Back in 2001, eLearning wasn’t widely available to charities as it was just too expensive. Martin Baker, CEO and founder, knew charities needed to train their staff and volunteers while keeping their costs down.


Why not bring those charities together?

We started back in 2003 when Martin created the Charity Learning Consortium, bringing six founding members together to mutually fund and share resources.


And then...

Jump to the present and we have an industry leading, bespoke learning management system (LMS), extensive eLearning library and a community of L&D professionals sharing knowledge – all at a realistic price. Some of our founding charities are still loyal members but over the years we’ve grown and evolved. We now have more than 300 members.


Why not have a look to see if we have any events coming up? Now and then, we open our doors so you too can experience the benefits of our community, and the power of networking with other like-minded professionals working within the charity sector.

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