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Award winning eLearning at Victim Support

Victim SupportWith no budget, Victim Support’s learning and skills team used ingenuity to create a new data protection eLearning module in-house. With a clear focus on wanting to change behaviour, they showed a smart use of simple technology and supported management as they rolled out the new programme. Their holistic approach has had demonstrable results at Victim Support and went on to win the Charity Learning Award 2016 for the Best eLearning Programme.

Virtually the best!

Kibble, one of the oldest charities in Scotland, won the Charity Learning Award 2016 for Best eLearning module design for creating a simple but engaging virtual tour of their campus, mainly using resources they already had to hand. We caught up with Marie Duncan, Kibble’s Learning and Development Manager, to find out the secrets to her team’s success.

Charity Learning Award winners 2016

Charity Learning Award winners
The winners of the Charity Learning Awards 2016 are proof that little or no budget is no barrier to delivering innovative eLearning. Most of the winners had no resources to speak of, but came up with award winning solutions to the business challenges they faced. Their stories of success are an inspiration to all organisations, not just fellow charities.