The Charity Learning Index

The assessment tool for charity learning practitioners to benchmark against themselves, as well as other non profit organisations

Designed to track progression over time, the Charity Learning Index (CL Index) will provide you with valuable data to assess where you are now and understand how to improve. 

We know that everyone has a wide range of different experiences, knowledge and resources. You might also be working solo or in a coordinated team – whatever your circumstances, you can benefit from measuring your current status. We will produce a report, personalised to you which could also be used at the starting point for a new learning strategy.

The questionnaire has been created by award-winning learning specialist Andrew Jacobs

In order to create the report, we’ll send you a questionnaire based on a model which focuses on four key areas:

1. Skill

What skills do members of your L&D team have, to carry out their roles effectively?

2. Will

What is motivating your learning function?

3. Authority

How do you influence your organisation?

4. Resources

What resources, technologies, materials and learning content are available to you?

Why get involved? 


See how much you’ve improved, year on year

Our members are all at different stages on their L&D journeys, with some more advanced than others. Taking part in the CL Index will help you track how you’re doing and recognise  improvements.


Shout about your progress

Get noticed within your organisation by providing your senior leaders with a snapshot of your improvements.


Get more tailored support

The Index will help the Consortium create targeted resources to help you reach your goals.

How it’s measured

Supported assessment 

Our membership managers will be in touch to go through the questionnaire with you and help you calculate where you are on the CL Index. Your answers will determine which category you sit within: core, advancing and established, with established being the top category. 

From here, we will provide you with tailored support and resources.

Want to be one of the first organisations to take part in the CL Index?

Please contact your Membership Manager to express your interest. They will explain the CL Index in a little more detail and answer any questions you may have before we get you started. 

Not a member?

If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch via


“The Charity Learning Consortium has always stood apart from other LMS providers. We pride ourselves on providing way more than just eLearning. We invest a lot of time and effort creating other resources for members, alongside practical workshops to support learning and development success. I want to ensure that everything we do is geared towards members’ needs – and that you can identify what those needs are too. That’s why we’ve created the CL Index. It’s a way to measure your L&D skills and success, identify where you can upskill – and how we can help.”

Martin Baker, CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium

CL Consortium Ltd
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