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First impressions count! In this little book, Gill Chester explains what to include in your induction to put people first. Scroll down to find further resources to help you put ideas into action. 

The little book of Induction

Explore the world of Induction and how other organisations have transformed their Induction process. 

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing Induction is to think about it from the perspective of the organisation”

Materials to support you

Rapid L&D at RVS

Rapid L&D at RVS

Stacie Lloyd, L&D Manager at RVS, discusses the challenges she faced and overcame when training 750,000 NHS Volunteers during the pandemic.

Rapid online induction

Rapid online induction

Gill Chester shares some hints and tips for creating a new style induction, superfast.

Transforming onboarding at CIWF

Transforming onboarding at CIWF

The onboarding programme at Compassion in World Farming International starts as soon as someone accepts their new job, which might be months before they start work.

Are you the king of compliance or winning hearts and minds?
Learning and Development has a real image problem says Martin Baker, CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium. A training department’s first contact with staff is often dreaded compliance, as part of an uninspiring induction, and that’s what L&D will be remembered for.

How to measure learning
Derek Mitchell is a man on a mission. He wants to demystify data, and make L&D practitioners’ work easier in the process. He explains why we’re measuring the wrong things, and explains how easy it is to track the seemingly impossible

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Seven reasons to join our growing Consortium

Do you want to do more for less with your learning and development budget? Are you looking for effective ways to develop the skills of your workforce?

Boosting confidence with creativity

Lucy Gower shares her tips for using creativity to solve your organisation’s problems.


The Charity Learning Consortium hits 150+ members!

As we reach a massive milestone, Martin Baker, founder and CEO, explains how a crazy idea turned into the Charity Learning Consortium.

Collaborating to succeed

A digital approach to developing skills can help you save money but it’s collaboration that helps it succeed, says Martin Baker.

Top tips for entering awards

Hesketh Emden, an award winner himself and a judge of the Training Journal Awards, shares some hints for success.

The elephants that stop learning happening

There are three large ‘elephants’ that can trample on your learning dreams, says Paul Matthews. He explains the obstacles to avoid for effective learning.

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