Learning at Work Week 2020

18th – 22nd May 2020

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Gain exclusive free access to our affordable eLearning courses and discover how we can help transform your learning and development!

Are you working within the charity sector and looking for new ways to enhance your learning processes? Would you like to offer our bite-size eLearning content for free, to your staff and volunteers for a week? Over 190 + charities are already part of our Consortium, benefiting from our LMS, online learning and community of L&D and HR professionals, especially at a time like this! View and complete a smaller selection of our 300+ courses. Register your interest below for exclusive access.

Seven reasons to join our growing Consortium in 2020

Do you want to do more for less with your learning and development budget? Are you looking for effective ways to develop the skills of your workforce?

Boosting confidence with creativity

Lucy Gower shares her tips for using creativity to solve your organisation’s problems.

Top tips for eLearning success

Doreen Miller from SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has launched eLearning at several organisations in her career. One of the founding members of the Charity Learning Consortium, she shares her top tips for eLearning success.

The Charity Learning Consortium hits 150+ members!

As we reach a massive milestone, Martin Baker, founder and CEO, explains how a crazy idea turned into the Charity Learning Consortium.

Collaborating to succeed

A digital approach to developing skills can help you save money but it’s collaboration that helps it succeed, says Martin Baker.

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