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Charity Learning March Members’ Meeting

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Case study: Using blended learning to develop new managers | Esther Redman, Woodgreen

In this session, Esther looked at how Woodgreen developed a manager training programme that enabled attendees to develop their skills and knowledge through exploration of topics in a fun and interactive way. Moodle was key in providing a central place to house all aspects of the course that attendees could access at any time.

Masterclass: Designing accessible learning | Susi Miller, eLahub

In this masterclass, Susi shared the findings of her extensive research, distilled into some important insights, best practice examples and pragmatic tips. Her session was great for people who are new to eLearning accessibility and for those who already have some experience in making their learning content accessible.

Building up your blend | Harri Savage, ELK online

In this interactive session, Harri Savage showed us how to continually improve your blended learning programmes. She used a real example to guide us, pointing out some pitfalls to avoid along the way!

She explained:

  • Why and how you should start with monitoring the success of what you have – which is not as difficult as it sounds
  • How to ‘build back better’ by breaking big problems into chunks
  • The importance of shared ownership – all stakeholders, including L&D practitioners, the organisation, managers and learners have a part to play in the success of learning

The quest for learner engagement | Michelle Parry-Slater, Kairos Modern Learning

As L&D practitioners, we’re fired up about learning. It can feel strange that our colleagues don’t get as excited. In this session, Michelle explored how looking at things from the learners’ perspective can help us get them, and keep them, engaged. 

Changing your mindset to achieve L&D success | Laura Overton, Emerging Stronger

L&D practitioners take great pains to understand how learners think, to support behaviour change. But how often do we examine our own mindset? Whilst our thinking habits are not necessarily right or wrong, some may serve us better than others in times of fundamental change. In this session, Laura Overton examined five thinking habits to help all L&D practitioners succeed in our ever changing world.

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