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Charity Learning Conference & Awards – 17th November 2022

Charity Learning Awards 2022

These awards honour the outstanding work of learning and development practitioners in the third sector. After the last few years of turmoil, it was great to celebrate the amazing work that members have been doing throughout the pandemic.

A massive congratulations to the award winners! You can read their stories here.  

The future of leadership and learning | Peter Cheese, CIPD

In this fantastic session Peter talked about the role of L&D in the future world of work. He explored the skills that are most needed now and in the future. He also looked at the barriers L&D will face and how we overcome them. 

The ripple effect of inclusive leadership | Gori Yahaya, UpSkill Digital

As leaders, we all create many ripples. It’s up to us to decide what impact we’d like those ripples to have. Building a learning culture centred around your leadership can accelerate your EDI strategy. Gori explained how to invest in your people managers effectively; empower them to become ambassadors; and create compelling programmes that allow them to take ownership of their learning journey.

No-nonsense leadership and management development | Debra Allcock Tyler, Directory of Social Change

Debra shared ways that you can transform leadership and management development, without always needing costly and complex programmes. She explained that you could achieve this by: co-creating written leadership and management expectations, behaviours, standards and protocols – and then measuring and reflecting on them; establishing straightforward and realistic practices; and offering support in small, easy ways that can make an enormous difference.

Engaging stakeholders in design | Lisa Johnson and Eric Peotto, NHS Blood and Transplant

Have you ever been asked to turn several hundred PowerPoint slides into eLearning? Do you have to effectively drag your stakeholders kicking and screaming to the eLearning finishing line? If so, then this session was for you.

Lisa and Eric shared an effective design model that they are using at NHS Blood & Transplant, to show you how they:

  • Shift the mindset of stakeholders and subject matter experts, to help them see that eLearning is a better way
  • Set expectations and create a collaborative, co-design process to ensure delivery of the right product in the end
  • Create something that provides an engaging and effective digital learning experience

Learning to evaluate | Andrew Jacobs, Llarn Learning Services

L&D practitioners seem to have been seeking the holy grail of learning measurement for decades. Measurement systems have developed, and iterations of reaction forms and happy sheets are commonplace. But what really works? In this session, Andrew looked at the data that is available to you in the learning profession, and the principles to adopt to make evaluation meaningful.

The people experience timeline | Satnam Sagoo, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

L&D affects people’s lives in so many ways, how can we ensure that every experience is a good one? The timeline begins before people start work and continues after they leave – afterall, everyone you connect with is a potential supporter of your charity. Satnam’s session explained how to focus on improving the people experience (not just the learning journey), embed learning into the organisation’s DNA and avoid working in silos in L&D.

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