RoadMap: Test drive our new LMS

Test drive our new LMS

Your learners will love our fresh, new learning management system (LMS) – we’ve called it RoadMap as it’s so easy to navigate. We’d love to show you around, please get in touch if you’d like an online demonstration.

RoadMap is a faster, more intuitive and responsive version of Moodle, and includes some great features, such as:

  • A fantastic new tagging system, so you can quickly assign courses to specific learner groups
  • The ability to offer popular online badges for every course
  • The choice to easily embed over 1,200 videos from our free GivebackUK video library
  • An attractive and intuitive look for a great user experience
  • The option to add your own supporting resources for blended learning
  • A hierarchy reporting tool which allows administrators and managers to run reports
  • Tracking for not attempted courses

Don't just take our word for it...
ask us for a free online demonstration and we'll show you

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RoadMap will save you time

Use tags to assign courses – based on either job roles, department, regions or more, to ensure content is relevant for learners. Streamline your reporting - RoadMap lets you see courses that learners haven’t attempted and allows managers to report on their team’s progress more easily.

Your learners will thank you!

We’ve created a more engaging, intuitive user experience:
Learners can easily see what to do.
Managers can view a simple summary of completions, or a more in depth view.
Administrators can easily set up courses and add supporting resources.

Making it your own

We’ll personalise RoadMap with your organisation’s logo and colours, and you’re welcome to change the course icons and layout. You can also purchase development time so we can create more complex or unique layouts.