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September Members’ Meeting – Thursday 16th September 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our September Members’ Meeting. We were blown away by the positive feedback and are so grateful to everyone involved, making each session a huge success. Below we have detailed all of the webinar recordings and resources from our speakers, that we hope you will find useful.

Sessions and workshops

Case study: Creating a blended learning programme at RSPCA

Pam Pappenheim, IT Digital Learning Consultant at RSPCA

Pam Pappenheim, Digital Learning Consultant at RSPCA, presented how her team used Learning Pathways (a new feature within the LMS) to set up a blended learning programme and what she learnt along the way

Talk: Virtual – what we’ve done well and how we can move forward
Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD

Andy talked through the successes that charity sector L&D functions have seen over the past year and what we can do to harness new opportunities as the learning landscape continues to change. He drew on new data from the latest CIPD analysis. The motivational session offers Andy’s advice on current trends and how to help us achieve long lasting success.

Workshop: Performance Consulting

Andrew Jacobs, Learning Principle at Llarn

What is performance consulting? In simple terms, it means working with different parts of an organisation to make them better at what they do, analysing challenges and supporting the right solutions. After creating The little book of Performance Consulting for us, Andrew joined us to talk in more detail about the methodology discussed and guided us through one of the exercises to get you started.

Workshop: Self-directed learning – L&D’s holy grail?
Megan Corker, Learning and OD Manager at NHS

Organisations sometimes try to implement self-directed learning offerings for their people, but they make the mistake of expecting their colleagues to understand their own learning needs and what they need to do in order to develop with more autonomy over their learning. In this session we talked about how to transition from being a ‘telling’ organisation to being a ‘thinking’ organisation, and how to take your people with you.

Showcase: eLearning examples to inspire you

Gill Chester at Little Man Project

Workshop: Creating happy learning experiences
Valentina Hynes, L&D Specialist and Speaker at SVH inc.

This interactive session was all about how to promote learning and development from a wellbeing point of view. Valentina shared her ‘wellbeing protective’ tips to boost the learning experience.

Workshop: How to build and sustain resilience 
Anne Birch, Leadership Coach and Resilient Leaders Consultant at AfB

Coaching and wellbeing expert Anne covered: how to recognise, understand and prevent burnout in yourself and your teams; practical tips on managing stress and stressors; and what resilience is and how to build this for yourself and your teams.

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