Video to crack staff engagement

Genny Dixon of Towards Maturity shares her top tips on using video to engage learners based on methods used by high performing organisations

 by Susie Finch

1. It’s all in the blend….

Blend video with text, audio, animation and images into learning design. 40% of learners find video essential to learn what they need to do their jobs faster and better.

2. Keep videos short and sweet

Today’s busy workforce are used to looking things up quickly and when needed. Video Is perfect for giving short, easy-access learning. 68% of the most successful organisations offer micro-learning that takes less than five minutes.

3. Personalise

There is no one size fits all. People in different job roles, with different experience, will learn best from different resources. 48% of high performing organisations personalise online learning.

4. Tell a great story

If your videos tell an interesting story, people are more likely to watch to the end and remember what they have seen. 82% of top deck organisations use storytelling in instructional design.

5. Make your videos easy to find

It’s no surprise that so many of us turn to YouTube first. Why is this happening? Borrow their techniques. Make playlists of top videos, use ‘likes’, allow people to share their favourites. 58% of the most successful organisations have content curation strategies to help make sense of available resources.

6. Use video to prompt memory & space learning

Short videos can be a great reminder to reinforce classroom learning. Repeating the learning at intervals reinforces it and extends forgetting time. 71% of high performing organisations use spaced learning.

7. Keep content relevant and up to date

Even if this means ditching some of your well-worn favourites. Do your resources still support your business goals? 85% of top deck organisations regularly review learning resources and cull if they’re out of date.

8. Flexibility is key

And so is choice, context, environment, manager support and removing any barriers to access.

9. Check the connection!

How frustrating is it when technology lets us down? Robust infrastructure and clear navigation are central to a smooth and successful learning experience. 85% of the most successful organisations know what their IT systems can deliver.

The quality of your video resources may determine how often people share them and how eagerly they await the next installment. How you use video will determine whether the learning sticks!

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Genny Dixon is the Head of Research at Towards Maturity. The above tips and tactics are based on the activity of high performing organisations, as revealed in Towards Maturity research. Find out more about the tactics of high performing organisations and the impact they are having. Download The Transformation Curve

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