What our members say

Phenomenal support network

A phenomenal support network with a family-feel to them.

Everyone goes above and beyond and is super friendly. I couldn’t recommend CLC enough

Louise Oliver, BH Live

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Easily accessible

It makes eLearning more streamlined, comprehensive and easily accessible

Marina O’Malley, Think Ahead


A massive thank you from all of us here at Dingley’s Training for assisting in getting our automated certificates off the ground. With your help we’ve managed to save ourselves several hours a week, which will be so useful going forward. You were so patient, knowledgeable, willing to help and went above and beyond to get the certificates started as soon possible. Amazing!

Rachel Thompson, Dingley’s Promise

Access to the best ideas

I feel so grateful to have access to the best ideas and creativity across the charity sector. This could only happen in this way in the non-profit world where caring is sharing!

Tania Hummel, Whizz Kidz

A festival of eLearning

“You are immersed into a festival of eLearning with people who have creative and growth mindsets.”

Graeme Clark, The Advocacy People

Makes hard work easy

They make what seems like hard work, easier!

Leanne Jenkins, Royal Voluntary Service

Good value price

They promote a range of great digital content for a good value price that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford.

Helen Wyatt, The Brain Tumour Charity

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For charities

It makes eLearning simple, accessible and affordable for charities like us

Carly Lyes, Depaul

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Rapid L&D at Royal Voluntary Service

“We were looking for 250,000 volunteers to sign up to the programme. 10 days later and we had to switch recruitment off as we had 750,000 volunteers, which was just incredible and rather overwhelming.”

Stacie Lloyd, L&D Manager at Royal Voluntary Service and a member of the Charity Learning Consortium, spearheaded the training of 750,000 NHS Volunteer Responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stacie discusses the challenges faced and how she overcame this monumental task, which involved introducing their ‘Getting you started’ packs – just one of the ways they managed to train so many volunteers in such a short time.

Top tips for digital onboarding

Lisa Bateson of Shaw Trust shares the invaluable insights gained from the rapid hiring and onboarding of over 500 new team members.

Leveraging the Charity Learning Consortium’s eLearning platform, the charity’s induction programme earned recognition as a finalist for an LPI Onboarding Programme of the Year award. From essential modules like ‘Introduction to working safely’ to optional enriching content such as ‘Five ways to wellbeing,’ discover how Shaw Trust’s successfully enabled new colleagues to quickly become effective in their roles.

Digital transformation at BPAS

Training at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has been transformed from classroom based to a blended approach which people love. This dynamic new way of learning has seen the charity save money whilst increasing the scale and reach of the training.

The digital transition has been so successful that 95% of all clinical training is now online.

“They love the blended approach, rather than the room-based lecture approach that we’ve always done in the past,” says Jacqueline. 

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