Presentation Perfection

Love or hate them, everyone will have to give a presentation at some time in their career. Bob Little offers tips on how to hone and deliver the perfect presentation.

Presentations are a ‘stock in trade’ for learning and development (L&D) professionals – but having lots of practice doesn’t necessarily lead to perfection. To give the ‘PERFECT’ presentation, you’ll need:

  • Personal impact.
    You have less than 30 seconds to make an impression. Your audience will notice any (non-verbal) nervousness or uncertainty. So, know exactly how you’re going to start your presentation so that it’s powerful, engaging and harnesses the power of positive body language.



  • Emotional connection.
    If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about, how can you expect anyone else to be? Engaging with people on an ‘emotional’ level ensures greater ‘buy-in’ for your ideas. When you tell personal stories, use metaphors and let people into your life experiences, they’ll be more prepared to trust and agree with you.



  • Right to talk.
    What right do you have to talk about what you’re talking about? What’s your history? What relevant experiences/ successes have you had?



  • Facts.
    Engaging your audience emotionally is only part of the story. Your presentation must have facts, goals and detail. Don’t talk in the abstract. Make what you say is relevant to your audience.



  • Encapsulate.
    In today’s technological world, our senses are being constantly assailed by sounds and images. Identify the key elements of your presentation and translate them into succinct, influential language (soundbites).



  • Credibility.
    Don’t make claims, use information or quote sources that you can’t substantiate. If you use facts, ensure you know who said it, when they said it and in what context it was said.



  • The company.
    Having established your ‘right to talk’, you must also establish your organisation’s credentials.

Bear in mind, too, that using technology has greater potential to detract from, than enhance, your presentation.

About Bob Little

Bob Little is a communications professional (a writer, editor, commentator, speaker and broadcaster) specialising in the field of corporate L&D, who works internationally.


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