A new approach to collaboration in Scotland

We have more Consortium members in Scotland than ever before, and have big plans for supporting them.

As a first step, we’ve formed a steering group to help tailor our events to the challenges that members in Scotland face. It’s all part of our approach to collaboration, which is at the heart of everything that we do. Here are some of the plans that together we have made…

Sharing bespoke courseware
Members actively want to share any extra information they have added to Charity Learning Consortium eLearning courses. 

This makes great sense: why ‘reinvent the wheel’? Charities in Scotland have to adhere to the same legislation and generally face the same gaps in knowledge. By sharing, they can collate and curate resources to create a knowledge base across the whole sector.  

Open channels of communication and sharing information are integral to this element of collaboration. The Consortium currently uses a Slack community channel that all members have access to. We’ll be looking into other ways to assist members to link with one another, to easily share bespoke eLearning course material, advice and guidance. Networking and sharing knowledge and experience is already at the core of our members’ meetings. We’re also launching a conference in Scotland in 2020, to bring together all learning and development practitioners working in charitable organisations.  

Would you like to join us? Find out how we work by joining one of our members meetings in Scotland. Email marketing@charitylearning.org for more information. 

Not everyone associates as an L&D professional
A lot of people creating and curating eLearning in the charity sector may not see themselves as L&D professionals. They may be new to learning and development, and – especially within small charities – roles can change and adapt as the organisations grow. We’re committed to including everyone involved in learning and development in Scotland in our plans.

Our events are in the right place!
We’re excited to be running live events in Scotland. Previously, members had to travel to London for our meetings, which was time consuming and costly. We’ll be alternating between Edinburgh and Glasgow and we’re looking into holding future events at charitable venues too. If you know of a great venue for us to use in Edinburgh or Glasgow please drop us a message on Twitter @charitylearning or email marketing@charitylearning.org.

Let’s partner up
Creating new partnerships is a great way for everyone to benefit from collective knowledge and resources, and feed fresh ideas into events. We all have lots of contacts and partnerships that, if shared, may develop deeper connections and long-term sharing of best practice. 

About Annabelle Price

Before joining the CLC team, Annabelle completed an apprenticeship in Marketing and Communications whilst working in the third sector, which ignited her passion. She enjoys learning about the amazing work our members are doing and sharing these successes to promote this. Annabelle helps brings this to life by organising our events to create a space for our Members to network, share & collaborate.


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