Develop your charity’s leadership skills with St John Ambulance apprenticeships

Members of the Charity Learning Consortium have a golden opportunity to be the first to offer leadership apprenticeships with St John Ambulance


Leadership is one of the biggest skill gaps in the charity sector according to FSI research and the Consortium is keen to actively support its members in this area. That’s why we’ve teamed up with St John Ambulance, to offer leadership apprenticeships to member organisations.The 12 month Team Leader or Supervisor apprenticeships start on 20th September 2021.

Members of the Charity Learning Consortium can choose to take on a new apprentice or upskill a current employee. The training will be virtual, with learners benefitting from content that is tailored specifically to the charity sector.

This is a fantastic opportunity for members. Sam Garnham, External Qualifications Manager at St John Ambulance, has pledged to give further guidance on using the levy, getting funding and finding a suitable apprentice for this offer too. Having Sam’s practical support could be a real game changer when it comes to pitching apprenticeships to your organisation. Contact Sam directly for his expert advice.

These apprenticeships are ideal for employees who are unqualified or new to team leading or supervising. To be eligible, learners must be aged 16 years or older, reside and work in England, and not be in receipt of any other educational funding.

All apprentices have to complete 20% of their training off the job. The St John Ambulance remote training programme is delivered via a blend of online learning, webinars and more, which contribute to that 20%. This offers great flexibility for apprentices and organisations. With plenty of virtual activities that contribute to the required 20% off the job, these apprenticeships fit seamlessly around other tasks your employees have.

The apprenticeships include:

  • Interactive online learning modules
  • Monthly face-to-face webinars
  • Assignments and reports
  • Structured work-based projects
  • Expert masterclasses from guest speakers


The Charity Learning Consortium has made a commitment to creating opportunities for our members to support leadership capabilities within their organisations. This includes teaming up with St John Ambulance for this apprenticeship offer, creating a series of animated learning content, and covering this topic at our events.

For more information:

There are loads of options when it comes to taking on apprentices and how you fund them. Here’s a guide to getting started.

Get in touch with Sam Garnham for more information about this offer and further guidance on using the levy, getting funding and finding a suitable apprentice.

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