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The online training courses we offer will help ensure your learners spot safeguarding concerns and apply appropriate action where necessary

Safeguarding Children (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)

Safeguarding children involves ensuring they grow up in circumstances where their health, development and wellbeing aren’t impaired, as well as taking action to protect them from harm.

This course will enable your learners to recognise signs of abuse, respond to and record disclosures, know how to report a concern, and understand how legislation affects policies and procedures.

Depending on geographical location, there are three Safeguarding Children courses available in our eLearning library: England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Safeguarding Adults (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)

Abuse and neglect can cause long-lasting damage to a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing, which is why it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect adults at risk from harm.

This course provides a better understanding of the principles behind safeguarding and the impact of legislation, as well as recognising the signs of abuse, how to respond to and record a disclosure of harm, and how to report concerns to the relevant authorities.

Depending on geographical location, there are three Safeguarding Adults courses available in our eLearning library: England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Basic Safeguarding Awareness

This course is for anyone who wants a better understanding of safeguarding and abuse, but especially people who work in education, health, social care, policing, or another field which involves children or vulnerable adults.

Your learners might not be on the ‘front line’ in these sectors – if you have a cleaning, administrative or maintenance role (or similar) you should also be aware of your safeguarding responsibilities.

Basic Safeguarding Awareness trailer

Some dangers are easy to spot, but others are less obvious. Safeguarding is about taking responsibility for protecting the health, well-being and human rights of people who might be vulnerable to abuse. If your work or volunteer activity brings you into contact with children or vulnerable adults it’s really important to learn how to safeguard them from harm.

This short eLearning course covers:

  • What is meant by abuse
  • Factors that put people at high risk of abuse
  • Key safeguarding principles for protecting people from harm

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Safeguarding video content 

As well as our many fantastic eLearning courses, we also offer bite sized videos. The video library is hosted on the Clear Lessons video platform and it covers a range of topics, including safeguarding.

The videos are in both animation and talking heads form and are designed to provide the third sector with quality and relevant content. Charity Learning Consortium members often embed these videos in their Learning Management Systems to enhance courses.  

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