March Members Meeting 2019 – Digital Goody Bag

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Members Meeting on the 21st March. It was great to have the event in both London & Glasgow and it’s such a pleasure to see so many of our members enjoying the day and learning from each other.

It’s really important to us that members have the opportunity to continue conversations after the event. That’s why we’ve created a slack workspace to make it easy to connect with other members. If you would like to be invited to join this online community, sign up here


The three elephants of L&D strategy

Paul Matthews, People Alchemy

Paul Matthews is an expert in informal learning, enabling capability, performance consultancy, learning transfer, workflow learning and how L&D can be a valuable partner in achieving business goals.

In his session, Paul spoke about the three things missing from most L&D strategies. He calls them the elephants in the room, ignored, but potentially dangerous.

    Creativity with Confidence

    Lucy Gower, Lucidity

    Lucy Gower is founder and director at Lucidity. She is an accomplished trainer, coach and consultant specialising in helping teams to think differently to get better results. She led the first innovation team at the NSPCC.

    In her session, she shared ideas on problems solving, spotting opportunities and allowed everyone in the room to practice techniques to think creatively.

    How to influence learning culture

    Laura Overton


    Every organisation has its own mission, values and culture. And within that – whether it’s conscious or not – there will be a learning culture. Laura Overton shared insights on how leading organisations are changing the way they think about learning and how to establish and cultivate an embedded culture of learning.

    Award winning L&D

    Debbie Carter & Joanna Arkison


    Established in 2006 the TJ Awards are recognised as one of the most respected in the L&D community. Debbie Carter, editor-in-chief of TJ and Joanna Arkison of St Monica Trust and winner of three golds in the TJ Awards 2014 and 2018 provided one-hour workshop to those interested in applying to the TJ Awards 2019.

    eLearning – from little acorns…

    Liz Sheeran, Jess Lovenbury & Claire Wilkins



    RSPCA have been members of the CLC since 2009. At the Members Meeting, they shared their journey so far…

    Announcements and info

    Martin Baker


    Martin had a few announcements at the beginning of the day. Here’s his slides for a reminder. 

    The L&D at work book trilogy – special offer

    We’re very excited that Paul Matthew’s has kindly but together a special offer on his books, just for CLC members.

    All three books for just £20!

    The normal price of these books are £14.97 each so this really is an offer not be missed…

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