September Members Meeting 2019 – Digital Goody Bag

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Members Meeting on the 19th September 2019.

It was great to have the event in both London and Edinburgh and such a pleasure to see so many of our members enjoying the day and learning from each other.

It’s really important to us that members have the opportunity to continue conversations after the event. That’s why we’ve created a slack workspace to make it easy to connect with other members. If you would like to be invited to join this online community, sign up here


Zero to hero: Creating an L&D Strategy in just eight weeks 

Paul Hodgkinson, SAHA

Paul shared a brilliant case study at the London Members Meeting, focusing on his eight step learning strategy. The strategy steps include defining the L&D vision, identifying the quick wins and measuring success. 

The holy grail of engagement 

Barbara Thompson, GP Strategies

Barbara Thompson looked at the ‘pillars’ you need to support engagement, with user experience at the heart of everything. She explored a broad range of practical ways to keep people engaged, including using video for learning. 

The importance of knowing communication styles

Kristi Adams, Attigo Coaching & Development 

Kristi is an experienced, qualified and accredited coach and trainer, specialising in leadership, personal growth and action learning. Her fantastic workshop covered:  

  • What are the different communication styles? 
  • What is your communication style? 
  • How do you like to be communicated with?
  • What are the communication styles in your team? 
  • How can you get the best from others using what you now know about communication styles?

Kristi passionately support people in not- for-profit organisations to thrive, so that personal and organisational aspirations are realised. Her bespoke training and coaching programmes challenge people to truly get to know themselves, what they are capable of and how to be their best.

How to create a coaching culture 

Adam Kara & Jo Wright, Coaching Culture

A coaching culture is one where coaching happens day in and day out. It’s in the very fabric of the organisation. Adam & Jo’s presentation focused on:

  • Why you should create a coaching culture

  • How a coaching culture will future-proof the organisation

  • How to identify whether you have a coaching culture

  • How to develop and embed a coaching culture – the framework for success

  • How technology can enable a coaching culture

It was also discussed how Coaching Culture and the CLC can work together to support members. 

Introducing pathways – a preview

Josh Willcock, CLC

Josh, Head of Technology at the Charity Learning Consortium, ran a session on the most recent tech updates. His session included:

  • RoadMap developments, including Programmes
  • Updates on Clear Lessons – the new video platform

Kaizen: Change for the better

Michelle Coates & Petrina Veitch, World Vision UK 

Induction was frankly counterproductive at World Vision UK. Michelle & Petrina took the Kaizen approach to changing this – and with virtually no budget at all. In this interactive session, Michelle and Petrina shared how they achieved this.

Coaching for success!
Lisa Lynn  

In Edinburgh, Lisa, an experienced HR professional and fellow of the CIPD, ran a highly interactive workshop, sharing her insights into the world of coaching. She focused on: 

  • The Coaching Continuum, looking at the difference between non-directive and directive coaching
  • The GROW model for coaching and its application 
  • The Skill/Will matrix and how to use it in the work environment
  • The key skills required to be a great coach

Setting up a coaching service 

Erica Stewart-Jones

Erica works in The Richmond Fellowship Scotland and is also an MBTI and Insight practitioner and a trained coach. She ran a one hour session for those that attended the Members Meeting in Scotland. She examined what it takes to create a coaching service and coaching culture within an organisation.  She used and shared some of the tools to start or continue the journey for your organisation – thinking about who to influence, planning what the steps are and starting or refining your own approach.

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