Charity Digital Skills Report 2019


Of charities don’t have a digital strategy


Want eLearning to boost their digital skills


Think increasing digital skills saves time & money

                             We provide digital resources to help build digital skills

Members of the Charity Learning Consortium all use eLearning as part of a digital approach to learning and development. As a result, Independent research by Towards Maturity reveals our members save twice as much money on L&D compared to non-members in the sector. Members are also twice as likely to report positive changes in staff behaviour and almost three times more likely to report that using learning technologies has improved their organisation’s productivity. No wonder our members love us!
We provide: 


Our customised version of Moodle offers enhanced functionality and navigation


Members have unlimited access to a comprehensive suite of eLearning courses


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; members meet regularly at our quarterly events

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