Digital Goody Bag – March Members’ Meeting

After all of our events, we create a Digital Goody Bag which includes all of the session recordings and resources from the day. Scroll down to access the goodies from our latest Members’ Meeting. Enjoy!

WORKSHOP: Supporting underrepresented groups in the workplace
Nathan Nalla

Nathan joined us to tackle a really important topic: How to support underrepresented groups in your workplace. He began this journey in diversity and inclusion when working for a charity that focused on social integration. As a man who is racialised as Black and identifies as gay, he drew on his personal experience to deliver this workshop.

CASE STUDY: St John Ambulance – Using eLearning in a crisis
Carl Makins, Head of Training

Carl Makins, Head of Training at St John Ambulance joined us from the frontline of the vaccination programme across the UK. He explained how they used the Learning Management System that we provide to roll-out the important eLearning to vaccination training. He shared the process of collating resources and creating eLearning in such a short time scale. He touched on engaging volunteers throughout the process and drawing on their skills and expertise to help deliver the programme effectively.

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