Video workshop with Dr. Mark Davies

Thursday 18th August 2022 | Virtual workshop

Charities work at the very heart of where humans reflect and connect with each other and their environments and relationships.

Human beings are natural-born-storytellers – and story runs through the fabric of our lives in a multitude of ways.

One of the most powerful and affordable ways available for charities to tell stories – either for learning and/or marketing purposes – is video.

In this interactive online workshop, Mark will demystify the myth that great video is hard to shoot, and encourage you to start shooting video that you can be proud of.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why storytelling is so important, and the vast opportunities available for charities to connect with their learners and wider audiences across all platforms.
  • The affordable equipment that is available to help put a more professional sparkle on your content.
  • Some practical hints and tips on how to get better composition and audio.
  • How we can ‘break the mould’ on how we approach video – to think about different kinds of content, and not to get hung up on ‘perfection’.

Finally, at the end of the session, Mark will be giving away over 30 minutes of ‘how to’ video content completely free, to help you move forward in shooting great video for your organisation.

Date: Thursday 18th August 2022

Time: 10.00am – 11.00am

How to join: After signing up, you will receive a calendar invite from your membership manager, which will include a zoom link for the workshop

Cost: This event is free to members of the Charity Learning Consortium 

What you will need: All you need to bring if yourself and a smart phone 

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Mark Davies

About Dr Mark Davies

Mark is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker specialising in the power of video to inspire change.

What makes him unique is his strong academic background, combined with his extensive experience creating high quality content for corporates, academia, and the third sector; with particular emphasis on L&D.

For the last eight years, Mark  has not only filmed video for charities and companies around the world, but has also taught organisations how to shoot video themselves using the phone in their pocket.