Seven reasons to join our growing Consortium

Do you want to do more for less with your learning and development budget? The Charity Learning Consortium is here to help!

Are you looking for effective ways to develop the skills of your staff and volunteers? Join our happy, growing Consortium of over 200 charitable organisations, who are all using a digital, blended approach to developing skills. 

Membership includes these seven key highlights:

1. An engaging Moodle learning management system: We’ve customised Moodle’s LMS with some bespoke features we’ve called RoadMap. Your platform can be personalised and includes an online booking tool, is compatible with most applications using single sign on, data syncs to external systems, and can host a wide range of other courseware and resources.

2. Ground breaking compliance tracking: We’ve developed functionality which automatically prompts your learners to remain compliant. Read more about RoadMap Replay here.

3. A popular hierarchy reporting tool: This streamlines administration, allowing you and your managers to assign content to different learner groups and run completion reports instantly. This puts managers in the driving seat, so they can easily review their teams’ progress. Unlike other learning management systems, we offer an unlimited number of hierarchies to adapt to your organisation’s unique profile.  


4. An ingenious new way to tag learners:  One size does not fit all, so we’ve designed our LMS so you can easily create learning pathways. eLearning can then be assigned according to teams, groups, locations and more, to ensure it’s relevant to every learner.

5. Highly engaging iAM Learning and MicroLearn courseware: We now have more than 300 bite-sized eLearning courses, with animated videos and characterful voiceovers.  Most are between five to 10 minutes long. Mobile and tablet ready, they also come with a range of supplementary resources, such as infographics and workbooks.

6. Exclusive privileges to use Clear Lessons: A library of 1,500+ videos sharing work based wisdom. We film real people, telling authentic stories about the work challenges they’ve solved. The video library includes a wide range of general topics, like mental health and leadership, as well as charity specific content. Members get the benefit of single sign-on to our secure platform, allowing users to seamlessly access the video library to help engage your workforce and inspire a new learning culture. Videos can also be embedded into our LMS, to complement existing course pathways and enhance your blended offering.

7. Access to an amazingly supportive community of over 200 charitable organisations: Share best practice with like minded L&D professionals at our quarterly members meetings and annual conference. These are complimentary events with inspirational speakers, case studies, workshops, and networking to support L&D success.

Stop press: We specifically chose RoadMap as the name for our Moodle LMS, because our aim is to guide learners on their L&D journey. So our next big development is adding learning pathways. We want our administrators and managers to be able to offer bespoke learning pathways and goals to their staff and volunteers. It’s a huge amount of dedicated work from our technology team, and very exciting for both us and our members – so watch this space!

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