eLearning provides consistency for The Fostering Network

Oana Arama wanted consistency for induction at The Fostering Network, and eLearning provided the solution. Consistency is just one of the many benefits of using eLearning, as highlighted in our new white paper.

One of the benefits of eLearning is that it delivers exactly the same content to every learner, every time. With other methods – such as face-to-face – there’s always the chance that even the same trainer will deliver differently on subsequent occasions. Whether intentionally or inadvertently (we are, after all, only human) they may end up leaving bits out, or including something extra, and introduce confusion. 

Consistency is particularly important when learning is compliance related. It’s also an important factor if you’re promoting a new strategy, or seeking to establish a common way of leading and managing teams. 

On the flip side, consistency doesn’t mean that eLearning is inflexible. Far from it. If there are different ways of working in your organisation, depending on your hierarchy, then eLearning can accommodate this. 

Case study: Oana Arama, The Fostering Network

“When we looked at our induction programme, it was very important that we could offer the same consistent resources at the same time to everyone. With a workforce that is about 50% part time, working different patterns – and a mixture between office-based and home-based – this had been difficult to arrange through traditional methods. Everyone hadn’t necessarily been getting the same key messages. Having consistent content available 24/7, and from the moment someone joins, has been invaluable.” 

The other great thing about having consistent content is that you can be assured that everyone has attained the same level of base knowledge. This is a great starting point for building on, to meet the specific additional requirements for individual groups. 

Find out more about induction at clc.link/induction 

Oana’s eLearning top tip: Identify champions and cheerleaders

Think about what you might need to supplement eLearning for specific audiences, especially more senior people. You may also need to count on senior leaders to help promote eLearning to their teams, so involve them from the start. 

’10 reasons why charities should use eLearning’

There are hundreds of reasons of why charities should use eLearning but we’ve whittled it down to 10. 

Whether you’re making the case to start your eLearning journey or are looking to enhance the investment you’ve already made, these are the benefits of eLearning that will deliver significant results. 

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