Charity Learning Conference 2020
Digital Goody Bag

 Thank you to those that attended this year’s Charity Learning Conference. It was fantastic to see so many of our members enjoying the day and learning from each other. Thank you for supporting us in moving our events online during this time. We appreciate your feedback on the sessions and online delivery. 

It’s really important to us that members have the opportunity to continue conversations after the event. That’s why we’ve created a Slack workspace to make it easy to connect with other members. If you would like to be invited to join this online community, please speak to your Account Manager or sign up here

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Keynote: Generous L&D Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning CIPD

Andy Lancaster presented the day’s keynote speech on generous L&D. A look at how the future-focused practitioner can have a proactive and positive impact on others using things like ‘working out loud’, engaging in social communities and curating content.

Andy’s book: Driving Performance through Learning : Develop Employees through Effective Workplace Learning 

Mandy Johnson’s session sketchnote.

Anti-racism panel:

Andrew Jacobs

Zahra Clarke-Johnney

                 Shakil Butt


Why your managers won’t coach and what you can do about it
Jo Wright – Coaching Culture

Jo covered the shift in the way we work, how developing a coaching culture is the way to build high performance, and how leaders and managers have a huge impact on the culture and capability of the organisation. Furthermore, Jo shared the 8 most common myths why your managers aren’t coaching and more importantly what you can do about it.

We’ve teamed up with Coaching Culture to provide you with it’s content at a discounted price for our members. Please see the feedback form to register your interest.

Little Book of Coaching

Mandy Johnson’s sketchnote

How to cultivate positivity in your workforce

Sukh Pabial – Challenging Frontiers

Sukh discussed practical techniques for cultivating positivity in the workplace, with particular attention to remote workers. He talked about positive psychology as a practice, and how we can use these insights to build resilience in the workforce.

Henry Stewart’s book: The Happy Manifesto

Perry Timms

Optimising your learning projects using Agile approaches
Perry Timms – PTHR

In this one-hour immersive lab-type environment, Perry walked through how to map, develop and deliver learning based projects using techniques mastered in the digital technology applications and platforms world, and bring
them into the learning world. Project Constellation Maps, Problem Statements, How Might We’s; Design Sprints, Iterations, Velocity Calculations and developing MVPs might not mean much to you now, but they could help
you reimagine how you design and deliver learning in your organisation.

Mandy Johnson’s sketchnote

The business case for kindness
Joanna Suvarna, Debbie Watt and Alex Killick – #BeTheRipple movement

In this session Joanna and her team explore the vital importance of kindness, demonstrating that rather than being a ‘fluffy nice-to-have’, kindness is in fact the key foundation that’s needed for building a brighter working world. Reframing our understanding of kindness and using it as the foundation for everything we do, we can truly unleash its power and enable people to flourish at an individual, team and an organisational level, making ripples that spread far and wide.

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