The little book series

These bitesized books are designed for learning professionals working within charities to provide an all in one resource covering the topics below.

The little book of Learning Strategy


If you want to achieve a goal you need a plan. And to give that plan the best chance of success, you need a strategy. A good learning strategy will position you for learning and development success which requires some up-front thinking and planning. This little book will show you how to get started in four manageable stages. You can find some useful resources here. 

“When learning isn’t aligned to organisational strategy it’s unlikely to land successfully”

The little book of Blended Learning

A blended programme is a series of learning interventions using a range of delivery styles, methods and mediums to create one coherent whole. Using a blend is an incredibly powerful way to take your learning strategy to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or want to improve your strategy, this little book will give you lots of ideas to achieve blended learning success. You can find some useful resources here. 

“Blended Learning is a mindset. You don’t need a big budget but you do need a creative, ‘let’s do this’ attitude”

The little book of Performance Consulting

One of the biggest challenges we face is that it’s often easier to commission a quick training fix than it is to face up to, and understand, complex performance gaps. We need knowledge, skills and confidence to do this. That’s where this little book can help, with challenges, snippets and advice to help you realise what performance consulting can be.

“Changing things holds the same fear as playing Jenga – what happens if we take the wrong block away?”

The little book of Video Learning

Video provides an amazing opportunity to create meaningful, effective and engaging content. By following these simple processes & tips, you’ll be hitting ‘fast forward’ on your understanding of video creation. You can find some useful resources here. 

“Ever been faced with a problem and turned to YouTube? There’s your answers to why you should use video in learning! “

The little book of In-House Coaching

This handy guide explains the steps to take to launch and sustain a coaching programme, with examples of different approaches to inspire you. You can find some useful resources here. 

“Coaching isn’t a dark art, it’s just a conversation. Keep it simple!”

The little book of Virtual Classrooms

Explore the world of virtual classrooms and discover how to develop your virtual skills to ensure that your online training is a success. You can find some useful resources here. 

“Trainers have suddenly been placed in a position where they lack the skills for facilitating and managing live online events. You can’t simply transfer your classroom skills into the virtual world”

The little book of Webinars

Explore the world of webinars and find out how other charitable organisations have used them to engage their learners. You can find some useful resources here. 

“In today’s climate of rapid change, the need for tools that suit the flexible, remote and self-directed learner have never been more important”

The little book of Induction

Explore the world of Induction and how other organisations have transformed their Induction process. You can find some useful resources here.

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing induction is to think about it from the perspective of the organisation”

’10 reasons why charities should use eLearning’

There are hundreds of reasons of why charities should use eLearning but we’ve whittled it down to 10. 

Whether you’re making the case to start your eLearning journey or are looking to enhance the investment you’ve already made, these are the benefits of eLearning that will deliver significant results. 

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