Launching the Charity Learning Index

The Charity Learning Consortium has worked with Andrew Jacobs to create a new benchmark for its members. The benchmark with help members identify their aspirations, provide a starting point to track progression and help prove the worth of learning


The Charity Learning Consortium has created a new benchmark to support its members. The CL Index questionnaire is a way for charity learning practitioners to benchmark against themselves, as well as other members of the Consortium, tracking progression over time. It will provide valuable data to help them prove the worth of learning and development (L&D). A personalised report could also be used as the starting point for a new learning strategy.

Reaching potential
Members of the Consortium have a wide range of different experiences, knowledge and resources. They might be working solo, focused on say compliance, or in a coordinated team delivering learning as part of an integrated, overall business plan. Whatever the circumstances, everyone can benefit from assessing where they are now, understanding how to improve and plotting their aspirations. The CL Index offers an easy way to measure growth and will help steer practitioners towards their full potential. 

Initially, the CL Index will be exclusively for members but the Consortium hopes to roll it out to all learning practioners working in the charity sector over time. The questionnaire is based on modern learning thinking and has developed by experiences learning specialist Andrew Jacobs.

It focuses on four key areas:

  • Skill: What skills do members of the L&D team have, to carry out roles effectively?
  • Will: What is motivating the learning function?
  • Authority: How is L&D influencing the organisation?
  • Resource: What resources, technologies, materials and learning content are available?

What’s involved?
Account managers at the Consortium will guide members through a supported assessment, during a pre-scheduled conversation. Answers will determine whether members are categorised as Core, Advancing or Established in their current L&D practice. Starting with a phase one group, the Consortium plans to offer the CL Index to all members throughout 2022. 

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Consortium commented:

“I hope this new benchmark will provide our members with valuable data to help them identify their aspirations, prove the return on investment in learning and gain recognition for the fantastic work that they do – usually on limited resources. I want to encourage them to shout about their successes!”

The CL Index will also help the Consortium to tailor and direct the support that it offers to members. Such as creating some new little books, good practice guides or scheduling a specific workshop.

“At the Charity Learning Consortium we pride ourselves on providing way more than just eLearning, “ said Martin. “We invest a lot of time and effort creating resources for members, alongside practical workshops to support learning and development success. I want to ensure that everything we do is geared towards members’ needs – and that they can identify what those needs are too.”

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