The Charity Learning Consortium is delighted to welcome CIPD as a member of its unique and thriving group of organisations – which work together to make learning technologies both affordable and effective.

The CIPD will reap the same benefits as other members of the 120 strong Consortium of charities, housing associations and not for profits. This will enable the CIPD to keep ensuring its own staff benefit from the kind of learning support they celebrate and encourage in other organisations.

CIPD staff will now have access to a blend of eLearning and just-in-time resources, from a suite of more than 220 eLearning courses and an award-winning, online Toolkit for Managers. They’ll join more than 500,000 staff and volunteers already learning online with the Consortium.

The Consortium also prides itself on supporting L&D teams, particularly in the successful use of learning technologies and the cost effective, in-house creation of eLearning. The CIPD’s L&D team will be encouraged to join the wealth of optional online and face-to-face to events, held continuously throughout the year. This collaborative approach has proven results.

In the future the two organisations plan to work more closely together, to provide an even stronger voice for best practice learning and development.

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning & Development at CIPD, commented: “We’re constantly striving to lead thinking and best practice in L&D through our research, qualifications and other work. It’s important to us that we practice what we preach, and ensure our own employees are supported to be the best they can be – so as an organisation we can also be the best we can be!

“Access to the Charity Learning Consortium’s resources will be of real benefit to our teams. And our in-house L&D practitioners and experts are looking forward to working and networking with the Consortium and its many other members for mutual benefit, and to advance the very best in L&D.”

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Consortium added: “I’m a massive fan of collaboration, and having CIPD as a member of the Consortium promises to give real added value to everyone involved – including all of the members of the Consortium. It’s just the start of a fruitful relationship that I’m sure will also be of benefit to the wider learning community, as we continue to collectively strive for excellence in L&D.”

Andy Lancaster joined the Consortium’s recent, quarterly members’ seminar, where he shared his top tips for entering awards – he’s a previous winner of both Training Journal and Charity Learning Awards. The Consortium also unveiled its annual Charity Learning Award categories at the meeting.

About CIPD

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. It has over 130,000 members internationally working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting across private businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. As an independent and not for profit organisation, the CIPD is committed to championing better work and working lives for the benefit of individuals, business, the economy and wider society – because good work and all it entails is good for business and society at large, and what is good for business should also be good for people’s working lives. The CIPD brings together extensive research and thought leadership, practical advice and guidance, professional development and rigorous professional standards to drive better capabilities and understanding in how organisations of all kinds operate and perform, and in how they manage and develop their people. A Royal Charter enables the CIPD to confer individual chartered status on members who meet the required standards of knowledge, practice and behaviours.

About the Charity Learning Consortium

We enable cost effective, quality eLearning to be offered to more than 500,000 staff and volunteers across the third sector in the UK – engaging staff that other learning & development simply doesn’t reach.

More than that, our collaborative concept paves the way for eLearning success, with ongoing support, fantastic networking opportunities, relevant workshops and a dynamic Charity Learning Awards & Conference – with world class speakers who are experts in their field.

As a result, independent research has found that Consortium members save twice as much money on L&D compared to non-members in the sector; are twice as likely to report positive changes in staff behaviour and almost three times more likely to report that using learning technologies has improved their organisation’s productivity.No wonder our members love us!

More than 120 charities, housing associations and not for profits already benefit from collaborating with our unique organisation – would you like to join us? To find out more please go to or connect with us on twitter @charitylearning We also love to chat, so do please give us a call on 08451 707 702