How do you ensure staff and volunteers have the essential skills they need to meet increasing demands when you only have a limited budget? At a seminar in March, Martin Baker, from the Charity Learning Consortium, and Andy Lancaster, from the CIPD, will explain how using learning technologies appeals to a modern workforce and helps to meet business goals.

A free seminar on 4 March with Martin Baker and Andy Lancaster will show how collaborating to embed eLearning can help third sector organisations save time and money, reaching more learners and boosting productivity.

The seminar, held at the NCVO headquarters in London, is open to all third sector organisations looking to do ‘more for less’ with their L&D budgets. Delegates will learn about the proven benefits of using online learning – according to *independent research, using learning technologies saves time and money, but it also changes staff behaviour and increases productivity.

Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D at the CIPD, will be talking about how technology has helped to meet the challenges of learning and development at the CIPD, itself a registered charity: “The world of work is changing fast and L&D must embrace innovative methods and exciting opportunities,” said Andy. “At CIPD we are supporting learning professionals and organisations in the transition to technology facilitated learning. At the same time we are working within CIPD to provide digital development opportunities for staff and our partnership with the Charity Learning Consortium is a key part of that provision.”

Martin Baker, founder and chief executive of the Charity Learning Consortium, will explain how collaboration, and freely sharing knowledge and expertise, is at the very heart of the Consortium – a group of more than 120 third sector organisations that collaborate to make eLearning both affordable and effective.

Martin is a well known advocate of collaboration: “The power of collaboration never ceases to amaze me. The knowledge sharing within our group can act as a real catalyst for change, not just for our members, but for the Charity Learning Consortium as well. We’re constantly evolving to meet the growing needs, wants and creativity of our members. There’s a fantastic group energy and passion for excellence in learning that everyone can tap in to.”

Delegates will discover all the benefits of joining the Consortium, which includes a flexible learning management system and access to a huge variety of editable courseware, including a complimentary authoring tool. There’ll be a chance to network with third sector peers working in learning and development, and all delegates will also receive a virtual goody bag of online resources to support their workforce.

Event details:
Date: Thursday 4 March 2015
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Location: NCVO, Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL

Notes for editors
* Independent research by Towards Maturity shows that CLC members reduced their learning costs by 42% in 2012-13 through the use of eLearning, compared to a 21% cost reduction amongst non-members. CLC members were also far more likely to report that eLearning had helped reduce the time it took for staff to reach skills competency: 42%, compared to 26% of non-members. While 28% of CLC members saw an improvement in organisational productivity from using learning technologies, compared to 10% of non-members. These statistics are taken from a Towards Maturity benchmark sample in 2012-13, comparing 50 CLC members with 50 non-members.

About the Charity Learning Consortium
We enable cost effective, quality eLearning to be offered to more than 500,000 staff and volunteers across the third sector in the UK – engaging staff that more traditional learning & development may not reach. More than that, our collaborative concept paves the way for eLearning success, with ongoing support, fantastic networking opportunities, relevant workshops and a dynamic Charity Learning Awards & Conference – with world class speakers who are experts in their field.

As a result, independent research has found that Consortium members save twice as much money on L&D compared to non-members in the sector; are twice as likely to report positive changes in staff behaviour; and almost three times more likely to report that using learning technologies has improved their organisation’s productivity. No wonder our members love us!

More than 120 charities, housing associations and not for profits already benefit from collaborating with our unique organisation – would you like to join us? To find out more please go to or connect with us on twitter @charitylearning. We also love to chat, so do please give us a call on 08451 707 702