The Shaw Trust, the UK’s largest charity helping disabled and disadvantaged people into the workplace, has won a Charity Learning Award 2015 for its blended approach to supporting its clients.

Shaw Trust, the UK’s largest provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people, uses eLearning as part of a blended approach to supporting its customers.

The charity has found eLearning an invaluable resource, particularly for developing essential IT and online skills amongst its clients, to help them in job searches. This approach has been a resounding success and the charity is on track to help more than 50,000 people achieve their goals in 2015.

Anand Yagnik, Product Development Manager at Shaw Trust, explains the impact of offering eLearning to this large, diverse group: “Some of our customers are in the hardest to help groups, in the most deprived regions of the UK, so to be able to offer eLearning to them at no cost to them is a huge benefit.” Please watch this short video, created by Monica Gomes, Product Development Officer at Shaw Trust, to find out more:

In recognition of its outstanding work, Shaw Trust won the Charity Learning Award 2015 for Organisational buy-in – raising the profile of L&D.

Anand was thrilled with the award: “We’ve reached a milestone in our ability to connect our clients with tools and resources that help them in their journey towards achieving their ambitions, “ he said. “Having achieved this baseline standard, I’m now looking forward to building upon our delivery and innovation strategy, to take what we offer our clients to the next level.”

Monica added “This is why we do what we do, because we love, care and are passionate about it! Big thanks to the Charity Learning Consortium for recognising Shaw Trust’s work. This will help us to show why we do what we do and I look forward to continuing to be innovative and creative, to enable us to be more interactive, flexible and engaging.”

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, was impressed by the charity’s efforts: “This is a great example of how eLearning – as part of a blended approach – can engage learners that might otherwise be hard to reach. Congratulations to Anand and Monica for this fantastic result.  And a special mention also to the 600 volunteers who work tirelessly to help Shaw Trust support its customers.”

The Shaw Trust video was filmed in Scotland and edited by Emi Alonso from Gust TV, while Allan Jere from DLF did the filming in London. Both donated their time free of charge to the Shaw Trust.

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