russiandollcroppedWhen it comes to talking about developing learning professionals we’re so focused on supporting others that we can overlook our own development. But according to leading commentators like Charles Jennings, a new skill set is required for learning practitioners to meet the needs of a modern workforce. So how can we best support ourselves to keep evolving? Learning professionals came up with these tips at the #Why702010 event.


  • If we’re going to become ‘learning detectives’ then we need to understand what drives our organisations and become real business partners. Learning professionals in more junior roles may find this a challenge – can more senior practitioners facilitate this?
  • Give everyone – yourself included – permission to learn from projects and experiences. As Charles Jennings puts it: Can you afford NOT to reflect?
  • Remember that context is vital – what works in one organisation may not in another.
  • Ask yourself these simple questions: What are your barriers to change? What are the possible solutions?
  • Bring a curious, critical and open mind to work – keep asking questions.


  • Get HR & L&D together to break down barriers and become true business partners, working together as a team.
  • Steal ideas from journalism, broadcasting and modern marketing. Learning professionals can learn a lot about writing headlines, curation and capturing people’s attention from other professions.
  • Practice new skills in a safe environment e.g. using social media tools amongst your own team first before you roll them out.
  • Equip yourselves with new technology tools – and use them!
  • Develop performance consultancy skills – have a look at Nigel Harrison’s work for inspiration.

Further resources

  • The research: Download a copy of Towards Maturity’s research into 70:20:10 – it contains short, simple checklists to guide you.
  • Charles Jennings – the 70:20:10 expert: Check out this Q&A with Charles and this 70:20:10 primer  may answer some of your questions. You can also download a recording of a webinar with Charles on putting 70:20:10 into action. Charles’ blog is also a mine of information on 70:20:10.
  • Laura Overton – the learning expert: Laura Overton’s slides give highlights of the results of Towards Maturity’s research into 70:20:10. Here are some more tips from Towards Maturity on using marketing techniques to engage learners. Find out more about the practical skills required by L&D practitioners in a recording of a webinar with Laura Overton. The slides from that webinar also provide a good overview.
  • Online learning in 70:20:10: To dig deeper, register for the next online 70:20:10 Practitioner Programme at
  • Free Toolkit access for Learning at Work Week: To put 70:20:10 into action, register for FREE, organisational wide access to the Toolkit for Managers for Learning at Work Week, held every year in May.
  • Webinars: As well as the webinar recordings mentioned above with Charles Jennings and Laura Overton, you can also download a recording of a webinar with Michelle Parry-Slater, where she looks beyond the numbers and gives a practical approach to the 70:20:10 model.
  • Free resources: Keep an eye on we’ll keep posting more 70:20:10 information there.
  • Find out even more…Talk to us! We exhibit at events like Learning Technologies and the CIPD L&D Show at Olympia, London and regularly attend other L&D events too. Or get in touch via social media @corporateelearn @martincbaker email or call 08451 707 700