Thank you to everyone who attended the Member’s Meeting on Thursday 21st September.
We had a fantastic day with well-attended sessions, lots of networking and sharing. We even managed to live stream the whole day from London to Edinburgh for our members in Scotland! Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, we’ve made a handy summary of the day and you can see all of the presentation slides below. Our next event is the annual conference on the 16th November, places run out fast so please register below if you can attend.
A Roundup of September’s Meeting:
A Game of Inches Mario Manelfi, Crown Agents
“Why be engaged at work? Because engaged people matter; it’s good for their well-being; it’s good for the community; it’s good for the organisation. It is a game of inches” Mario’s session covered how to:
  • Share knowledge on how to engage the workforce and be engaged
  • Raise awareness of the responsibility we all have to be role model in behaviours that engage
  • Leave feeling engaged enough to take action and make a positive impact
Neuroscience for effective Learning & Development Gary Luffman, Think. Change. Consulting
Much is changing in how organisational learning is delivered and what organisations want/need from their employee’s development. However, there are some ‘constants’ the brain needs and responds best to that will help inform any learning and development practices. In this interactive workshop, members explored essential insights from the world of neuroscience to help inform and strengthen any Learning and Development practice in a changing world, including:
  • Getting attention
  • Holding onto it
  • Adjusting habits
Internal Communications 101: The what, why and how to drive engagement Jax Harvey & Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
To deliver engagement and build a learning culture L&D must have a voice. This interactive session got members working together to discover: What successful communications looks like for L&D
  • Who do we want to engage and how will we know if we’ve been successful?
The major challenges – what they are and how can they be quashed
  • Who you need in your corner and how to achieve this
  • How you get your voice heard – the tools and tactics you can employ across any organisation to deliver impact
During the session, members had the opportunity to comb Jax’s experience as a communications manager, insights from the charity sector and Towards Maturity’s data from over 40,000 workers to create three key take-aways to run with straight away.
RoadMap Replay Josh Willcock, CLC
We were delighted to announce our new development, RoadMap Replay! A quick and easy way to track annual compliance, alert learners when their training is overdue and easily report on non-compliant staff. To find out more please ask your account manager.
Moodle Zero to Hero – Reporting & Tracking
Tim Pattison, CLC
Tim covered how to get the best from the reporting functions in the RoadMap platform and why you may only ever need one report! This workshop looked at the reporting in RoadMap and covered the following topics:
  • Course Completion reporting
  • Scorm reporting
  • Quiz Reporting
  • Face to face attendance
  • In-course reporting
  • RoadMap Tracking
Moodle Zero to Hero – Hierarchies, reducing your workload.
Josh Willcock, CLC
Enabling managers and key users to report on their teams, spreading the workload and sharing the responsibility. This workshop looked at how to construct and input hierarchies to help with the reporting in RoadMap and covers the following topics:
  • How to work out your hierarchy
  • How to keep your hierarchy manageable
  • How to categorise your learners
  • Enabling reporting for users
  • How you can distribute courses
  • What else can hierarchies do
Lightning Talks:
MicroLearn Ali Soper
Ali provided a brief history of MicroLearn and the recent improvements and changes they’ve made to their courses including the use of VideoScribe.
Anders Pink Martin Baker, CLC
Martin gave an exciting update on how Anders Pink can be integrated into Roadmap. Anders Pink is a perfect content curation tool for learning & development. It displays relevant external content on your LMS and keeps you up to date on your chosen topics. If you would be interested in trialling this, please contact your account manager for information.
Pluralsight Chris Harradence
Chris explained the tools available from Pluralsight and the recent launch of their charitable offering ‘Pluralsight One’.
HelpDesk Josh Willcock, CLC
Josh demonstrated the improvements to the new support portal that is accessible to all members. Did you know that we have learner guides, technical information and a forum for developments on there? If you haven’t already registered for an account, please do so below or contact your account manager for help.