Members' SeminarThank you to everyone who attended the Member’s Meeting on Thursday 22nd June. We had a fantastic day with well-attended sessions and lots of networking and sharing. You can find a summary of the day below.

The next Member Meeting is on Thursday 21st September at ETC Venues Victoria. As we announced in the meeting, we will also be streaming the September Member Meeting to Scotland! As soon as we have venue details, we’ll let you know. This is a new and exciting venture for us, so, if you are based in Scotland, we hope you’ll join us for some facilitated discussion on the day.

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A Roundup of June’s Meeting:

Successful Blended Learning Solutions
Hannah Hastilow & Margarita Palmer-Stanelik, Union Southampton

Blended Learning provides flexible solutions for learners in the workplace, while still allowing for focused, personalised, delivery that encourages learning that sticks. In this session Hannah and Margarita outlined:

  • How they made use of their LMS to develop and deliver a blended learning programme on Project Management for a group of core staff
  • How they gave their learning programme an identity and brand
  • How they made use of internal resources to deliver a blended programme that made a real difference to key initiatives in the organisation.

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Making Learning Credible
Phil Willcox, e3 Consultancy, training and coaching Ltd

We all know the classic quotes that learning happens all the time or ‘what if we develop people and they leave’ etc. Yet, a perennial challenge for business is how to create an organisation where all colleagues have a learning mindset (whatever one of those is…)

Often at the heart of decisions, for example, whether to dedicate time to learning, is emotion. Can I afford the time? Will I feel guilty for not working? What will people say if they see me watching videos, listening to podcasts or reading books?

By the end of the session participants:

  • Discussed theory and practice around what makes or influences people’s choices (around learning)
  • Identified how these theories and practices can be used to help affect decision making to encourage learning
  • Planned for ways and means to implement strategies to making choosing learning a credible activity

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Practical Tips for doing more for less
Laura Overton, Towards Maturity

The not for profit sector are under incredible pressure to continually deliver more value in training for less money year on year. So what are the secrets of success? How do we meet the needs of more people in increasingly diverse situations with less budget without compromising quality and integrity?

Participants walked away from this practical session with ideas to help them:

  • Use resources creatively
  • Leverage technology across the organisation
  • Celebrate successes

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Putting the ‘ooo’ into Roadmap Moodle Course Pages
Gill Chester, Little Man Project & Tim Pattison, CLC

This two-part workshop covered everything members need to know to create more visually appealing and informative course pages and gain a better understanding of tracking and reporting learner progress.

The sessions included:-

  • Using Topics and Sections to layout content in a logical and easy to follow pathway
  • Adding Activities and Resources into sections
  • Using CLC Courseware Repositories to incorporate existing content from our standard courseware providers
  • Using graphics/images to enhance the look of the course page
  • Adding Labels and Informative Text to offer explanations and instructions on how best to navigate the course and indicate what the requirements and objectives are for the learner
  • Embedding Media Files and Links to external sites to provide supporting resources to the e-learning content
  • Understanding and using activity and course completions to track and report on learner and team progress
  • Restricting access to activities/resources using completion criteria so that learners have to complete sections in a given order
  • Awarding Badges – for completing activities, courses or suites of courses

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Follow up documents will be available shortly. Please contact your account manager for details.

Richard Jenkins, Sparkol

Richard Jenkins provided an introduction to the Videoscribe animation tool and how it can be used by charities for both internal and external marketing and engagement purposes.
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The Apprenticeship Levy
Jemma Molloy

Jemma provided an explanation of the new levy and some great ‘do’s and don’ts’ about the apprenticeship levy process.

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